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Fullness of Times: Prophesy

God's Work in Other Worlds
Elder Brigham Young
Monday, 4 October 1897
I rejoice in the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe, and I see a vast congregation before me, the majority of whom have believed and have identified themselves with the work of the latter days, which God has instituted to save His sons and daughters who have dwelt upon the earth, who do dwell upon the earth, and all who shall come upon the earth. This great work has to do with all the creations of God, and this movement is in harmony with other labors, that are going on in other planets, and we will find that instead of being isolated and strangers to them as we are now, we will mingle with people who are not of us today, people, possibly, of other planets. And while we now consider that it is a great thing to become acquainted with the nations that dwell upon the earth, then it will be the prerogative of the saved to visit other creations and other organizations planets that have come into existence and are peopled by the Almighty that we may visit them and become acquainted with them as we now become acquainted with foreign people. This work extends to all the people. This work extends to all the creations of God. It partakes of God, and therefore the attributes that are planted in man are like unto His attributes, and we shall become acquainted and see as we are seen and know as we are known. (Conference Report, October 1897, Afternoon Session)
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