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Fullness of Times: Prophesy

Saints Will Be Tried
President Joseph Fielding Smith
All of these things will be withheld while the nations are being punished, if the members of the Church will keep faithfully their commandments. If they will not, then we have received the warning that we, like the rest of the world, shall suffer His wrath in justice. (The Progress of Man, (Genealogical Society of Utah: Salt Lake City, 1936), p. 467)

President Heber C. Kimball:
Our sons and daughters must live pure lives so as to be prepared for what is coming.
After a while the gentiles will gather by the thousands to this place, and Salt Lake City will be classed among the wicked cities of the world. A spirit of speculation and extravagance will take possession of the Saints, and the results will be financial bondage.
Persecution comes next and all true Latter-day Saints will be tested to the limit. Many will apostatize and others will be still not knowing what to do. . . .
Before that day comes, however, the Saints will be put to tests that will try the integrity of the best of them. The pressure will become so great that the more righteous among them will cry unto the Lord day and night until deliverance comes. (Deseret News, Church Department, p. 3, May 23, 1931)

President Brigham Young:
If the Latter-day Saints do not desist from running after the things of this world, and begin to reform and do the work the Father has given them to do, they will be found wanting, and they, too, will be swept away and counted as unprofitable servants. (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 18, p. 262, October 8, 1876)

President Brigham Young:There is one principle I would like to have the Latter-day Saints perfectly understand-that is, of blessings and cursings. For instance, we read that war, pestilence, plagues, famine, etc., will be visited upon the inhabitants of the earth; but if distress through the judgments of God comes upon this people, it will be because the majority have turned away from the Lord. Let the majority of the people turn away from the Holy Commandments which the Lord has delivered to us, and cease to hold the balance of power in the Church, and we may expect the judgments of God to come upon us; but while six-tenths or three-fourths of this people will keep the commandments of God, the curse and judgments of the Almighty will never come upon them, though we will have trials of various kinds, and the elements to contend with-natural and spiritual elements. . . . (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 10, p. 335, June 26, 1864)

President Wilford Woodruff:
Zion is not going to be moved out of her place. The Lord will plead with her strong ones, and if she sins he will chastise her until site is purified before the Lord. I do not pretend to tell how much sorrow you or I are going to meet with before the coming of the Son of Man. That will depend upon our conduct. (Millennial Star, Vol. 51, p. 547, 1889)
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