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Fullness of Times: Article

The Priesthood Uniform
Gregory Scot Collins
Ward Young Men Secretary
Sunday, 17 September 2006
(Written as a newsletter article to the ward young men while serving as Young Men Secretary.)
Throughout history uniforms have been worn by various groups and organizations to portray distinction, inclusion, responsibilities, authority and position. One can readily differentiate between a Boy Scout, football player, policeman and soldier by their uniform. Uniforms can be simple or ornate. The uniform I wish to discuss is the Priesthood uniform. The term "uniform" here is figurative.
Culture and conditions might necessitate differences in the Priesthood uniform, but in much of the modern world the Priesthood uniform consists of a dark suit, a white shirt and conservative tie, a neat haircut, and a clean shave. With cultural exceptions, male missionaries the world over are expected to adhere to these standards. Although not enforced outside a mission, you should begin now to follow these standards throughout your life.
You might be tempted to wear something more fashionable or trendy. Boys, young adults and men occasionally alter the Priesthood uniform to their liking: blue, yellow, pink and even black shirts instead of white, light suits instead of dark, sports jackets instead of matching suit coats, or sweaters instead of jackets. Although appropriate for business settings, such alterations are not becoming of those who honor their priesthood. Likewise, unkempt, extreme, long or unnaturally colored hair have no place among priesthood holders.
When one enters the temple one wears their best. When meeting dignitaries one wears their best. This is out of respect. One who represents the Lord in priesthood responsibilities should assume no less. Adhering to the Priesthood uniform shows respect for your priesthood, your office, your duties, those you serve, your family and yourself. Most importantly it shows respect for the Lord.
The Priesthood uniform should be worn when attending church meetings, officiating in priesthood responsibilities, home teaching, collecting fast offerings, giving blessings, etc. Aaronic Priesthood holders may dispense with the suit jacket while officiating in the sacrament and be uniformly attired in white shirts and ties.
Where finances are limited one might look into consignment/thrift stores, hand-me-downs, sewing your own, or suitable equivalent alternatives. Perhaps through the aid of leaders someone can be found who has outgrown a fine suit that they would gladly give to you.
2006 Gregory Scot Collins. All rights reserved.
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