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Gregory Scot Collins (50)
Gregory Scot Collins72-Hour Kit ChecklistMonday, 24 October 2005
Gregory Scot CollinsA Flood of ChangeTuesday, 19 January 1999
Gregory Scot CollinsA Race Against TimeFriday, 3 October 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsA Reverence for Sacred ThingsSunday, 22 June 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsBaptismSunday, 20 March 2016
Gregory Scot CollinsBreak the SilenceSunday, 31 August 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsCome Follow MeSunday, 30 December 2012
Gregory Scot CollinsCommit Yourself to the LordSunday, 10 June 2007
Gregory Scot CollinsConstitutional Plumbing: A Television CommercialSunday, 5 July 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsCultivate Your FieldSunday, 8 April 2007
Gregory Scot CollinsFamily-Friendly Movie RecommendationsFriday, 10 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsGod Governs in the Affairs of MenSunday, 24 July 2005
Gregory Scot CollinsHolding Up the ConstitutionSaturday, 9 July 2011
Gregory Scot CollinsInappropriate JokesSaturday, 27 June 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsIneffective MissionariesSunday, 26 March 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsIntent and Answers to PrayerSunday, 12 October 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsKeeping Our CovenantsSunday, 22 May 2005
Gregory Scot CollinsLightSunday, 22 November 2015
Gregory Scot CollinsMiracle of the ScripturesTuesday, 18 May 2010
Gregory Scot CollinsMoses: Slow of SpeechFriday, 12 May 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsMy Thoughts and Feelings about Independence DaySunday, 11 July 1999
Gregory Scot CollinsNo Law Against a Man's BeliefTuesday, 21 April 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsNothing SacredTuesday, 17 March 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsOf Picnics and Parades: A True Story of the Declining State of Basic Patriotism in AmericaFriday, 6 July 2007
Gregory Scot CollinsOur Treasure InsideSunday, 23 April 2000
Gregory Scot CollinsParable of GossipSaturday, 3 February 1990
Gregory Scot CollinsParable of the Baby BirdTuesday, 7 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsRenewing CovenantsSunday, 1 January 2012
Gregory Scot Collins (President)Repentance and ForgivenessSaturday, 23 June 2018
Gregory Scot CollinsSatan Baits Us Like Fish to His HookWednesday, 21 June 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsSelective in My MediaSunday, 1 January 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsSeminary Scripture Mastery: Old TestamentTuesday, 28 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsSeminary Scripture Mastery: New TestamentTuesday, 28 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsSeminary Scripture Mastery: Book of MormonTuesday, 28 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsSeminary Scripture Mastery: Doctrine and CovenantsTuesday, 28 February 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsTestimonySunday, 9 March 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Christmas Confrontation: An Over-Dramatized Rendition of a Real EncounterThursday, 28 December 2000
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Dangers of Legalizing Teen SextingWednesday, 15 April 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Dangers of Legalizing Teen Sexting: Follow-Up LetterFriday, 17 April 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsThe End: A New BeginningSunday, 21 February 1993
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Insignificant Little Stream1988
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Love of ChristSunday, 1 December 1991
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Oath and Covenant of the PriesthoodSunday, 21 May 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Priesthood UniformSunday, 17 September 2006
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Proper Role of Government: A Letter to My State and Federal LegislatorsTuesday, 30 September 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Sacred Calling of the Holy ApostleshipThursday, 9 July 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsThey Said that He Robbed ThemSunday, 16 August 2009
Gregory Scot CollinsTimeoutSunday, 17 February 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsWalking with Faith in the Lord Jesus ChristSaturday, 23 October 2010
Gregory Scot CollinsWhat Did Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Look Like?Friday, 7 April 2006
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