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Gregory Scot CollinsBaptismSunday, 20 March 2016
Gregory Scot CollinsTestimonySunday, 9 March 2008
Gregory Scot CollinsThe Oath and Covenant of the PriesthoodSunday, 21 May 2006
Brigham Young (Elder)God's Work in Other WorldsMonday, 4 October 1897
Gregory Scot CollinsGod Governs in the Affairs of MenSunday, 24 July 2005
Rachel Victoria CollinsI Should Read, Listen To, and Look At Things That Are Pleasing to Our Heavenly FatherSaturday, 12 August 2017
Leanne Cathy CollinsHow Gaining a Testimony Is Putting Our Spirituality to WorkFriday, 25 August 2017
Michael Patrick CollinsJesus Christ Taught Me the Right Way to LiveSunday, 16 April 2017
David Robert CollinsHaving good friends will help me choose the rightSaturday, 9 September 2017
Joshua Adam CollinsI Can Prepare to Be Worthy to Go to the TempleWednesday, 27 July 2016
Joshua Adam CollinsIn the Premortal Life, I Chose to Follow God's PlanSaturday, 14 January 2017
Amethyst Cheyenne CollinsGod Has Commanded His People to Build TemplesSunday, 26 June 2016
Leanne Cathy CollinsThe Pioneers Worked Hard and Sacrificed to Build TemplesSunday, 10 July 2016
Gregory Scot CollinsLightSunday, 22 November 2015
Leanne Cathy CollinsThe Sabbath DaySaturday, 9 September 2017
Rachel Victoria CollinsProphets Teach Me to Pay TithingSaturday, 19 May 2018
Gregory Scot Collins (President)Repentance and ForgivenessSaturday, 23 June 2018
Joshua Adam CollinsIf I Keep the Commandments, I Can Live with Heavenly Father AgainSunday, 11 February 2018
David Robert CollinsProphets Teach Me to Pay TithingThursday, 17 May 2018
Amethyst Cheyenne CollinsI Will Follow Jesus by Being BaptizedSaturday, 1 June 2013
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